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This website was designed to provide resources for both students and their parents.  In the following pages, you will find answers to questions concerning my course curricula, grading policies, project descriptions and deadlines, as well as a list of outstanding sites and collaborative and online learning activities.


  • Do yourself a favor and bookmark this site so that you can easily reference and access your class calendar, download worksheets, labs, and PowerPoint lectures in case you have missed class or want additional review for tests and quizzes.  

  If you have any questions,  you can reach me at my email address at: dbwilson@capousd.org or phone me at San Clemente High School at (949) 492-4165

 Visit the sctritons website for additional resources including teacher email and website addresses, sports and activity info, etc.


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The links on this page connect students to resources, which are recommended because of their educational content and value. I do not intend your child to visit any pages beyond those to which I have provided specific links. We recommend that you supervise/monitor your child's Internet activity at all times.